ADA Information

Hello and welcome to Compass Coach. We would like to provide you exceptional service, and we believe we can facilitate that desire by providing you with information to help make your trip the best it can be. When utilizing the ADA lift equipped equipment, we have several items that become relevant. Please read below for details. If you would like an AUDIO/VIDEO presentation, you may view this video:

Compass Coach ADA Info from Transportation Safety Systems on Vimeo.

Lift-equipped vehicles have several mechanical and physical limitations. These are:

  • Mobility devices cannot exceed 600 LBS with occupant

  • Mobility devices cannot exceed 30 inches in width and 48 inches in length (3.5′ by 4′)

  • Mobility devices such as Wheelchairs with four wheels can be used for occupant travel

  • Mobility devices such as Scooters with three wheels are not approved for travel by the manufacturer, occupants must transfer for vehicles in motion

  • Company Policy requires that all passengers traveling in a mobility device must be secured into the vehicle while is it in motion pursuant to industry accepted securement practices every time the vehicle is in motion

Service Animals are allowed to provide service to passengers who require these services provided that:

  • Service animals must be under control of the animal owner and properly behaved at all times while on the equipment

  • Service animals may ride on the floor of the vehicle or on a blanket on a seat if it is available and does not impact other passengers ability to obtain a seat

  • Service animals may never ride in or block the center aisle or exit aisle on the vehicle at any time

  • Service animals typically equate to a service DOG or HORSE

  • Any non-typical service animals transported are not guaranteed to be provided access or entry at the final destination, and will not be watched or minded by the equipment operator if denied entry to an end destination. All service animals must be under control of the animal owner at all times


Transportation of Oxygen or medical equipment or medications:

  • Transportation of Oxygen bottles is allowed however Federal Law places a limit for total amounts allowed on passenger vehicles. Extra bottles are allowed on a first come, first served basis and may never exceed 99 pounds in total for the vehicle

  • Medical equipment such as Walkers, Crutches, Wheeled Seats and similar may be used however they may never block the center aisle or emergency exit access

  • Medical equipment may need to be stored for transport under the vehicle in the luggage area or in the overhead storage areas while the equipment is in motion

  • Medication bottles may not be handled by the operator of Commercial Motor Vehicles at any time due to the possibility of an allergic reaction or inadvertent or unintentional exposure to a drug or substance that could potentially affect the operators’ ability to safely operate the equipment

Thanks for choosing to use our services. We want to make sure every aspect of your trip is exceptional and is the best it can be. Please make sure to help us achieve this goal by understanding the limitations placed on transportation providers by the Federal Government and general safety best practices as we transport you to your destination.

Thank you,

Compass Coach